Improve your golf skills

Numerous courses to test your golf skills (1, 2, 3, or 4 ball) with different competition formats, or if you just want to perfect that swing then go to the virtual range.

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Instructions for Play

1. From main screen select GSX GOLF using mouse.
2. Click screen when flag appears, (about 10 secs).
3. Select Play.
4. Select Course, Competition, No. of Holes.
5. To add name select ‘click to add’.
6. Existing players; click on name in dropbox, click ‘add player’, when all players added click ‘X’ (top right), now ready to play (bottom right).

New players; select ‘create player’, select Tee, L or R Handed, Handicap, Clubs you use
(optional), enter name, click ‘apply changes’, continue as per instruction 6, above.

7. Position balls for driving, fairways & putting as shown on guide. Top left quadrant on screen turns from red to green.
8. To see scorecard at any point select Options (bottom right) then select scorecard, to get back to game select close.
9. To exit course select Options (bottom right) and select main menu.
10. To exit golf completely – from golf main menu click ‘x’ (top right).


If you have entered the clubs you use you can then take them to the virtual range and practise getting an idea of distances etc.

1. Follow 1 & 2 above then select Virtual Range.
2. Select ‘click to add’: click on name in dropbox, click add player, click ‘X’ top right, now ready to play bottom right.
3. Select club top left (the one you want to practise with) and click to change.
4. You can play as many shots as you choose, data gathered for you to view on screen.
5. To exit select Options and click ‘Main Screen’.

Tour The Simulator

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