Crazy mini golf games

Just going to need your putter here, have fun navigating your way round the crazy courses or the mini courses.

Instructions for Play

1. From main screen select Sports using mouse..
2. Select Mini Golf.
3. Select:
Adventure Golf (mini courses, putter only).
Fantasy Golf (crazy golf, putter only).
4. Select Course, Competition, No. of Holes.
5. Clear existing player names by simply clicking on their name.
6. To add name select ‘click to add’.
7. If played before click on name in dropbox and select OK (bottom right).
If 1st time click on ‘click to add’ then ‘create new player’;- type in name….OK. Click on name in
dropbox and select OK.


8. When all players added, select Play.
9. Position ball as shown on guide and top left quadrant will turn from red to green.
10. To view scorecard select Options (bottom right) and select top middle icon. Select close (bottom right) to continue game.
11. Top left corner will indicate which players’ turn it is.
12. To quit game/change course select Options (bottom right) and select quit.
13. To play a new game start from 3 above or select home for more sport options.
14. ‘X’ top right, takes you back to main home screen.

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