Test your accuracy!

Various targets with 3 difficulty levels, single player games and two player games .

Instructions for Play

1. From main screen select Shooting.
2. To select game fire gun once at chosen target.
3. Select difficulty option by firing twice at chosen option.
4. Play game, reloading gun when prompted.
5. To record score fire twice at leaderboard when turn is over, fire at ‘enter name’…enter name…’done’…’menu’.
6. Next player select difficulty option and continue as from 4 above, keep following procedure until all players have shot.
7. To escape game at any point press ‘Esc‘ on keyboard until back to main screen.

Single Player Games

Boar Hunt
Deer Hunt
Hare Hunt
Bird Hunt
Skull Island

Dual Player Games

Targets 1
Targets 2

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